Are you ready to hear some real talk about the college experience? The Crimson White’s culture desk would like to introduce you to the very first episode of “Firsts,” presented by culture desk contributors McKenzie Knight and Zara Morgan. These two are taking listeners on a journey through all their “firsts” as college students.

Knight is an honors student from Memphis, Tennessee on the CREATE Path to MBA as an English major with minors in advertising and public relations, and computing technology and applications. She’s hoping she’ll become the fifth member of ABBA, but most likely, she’ll end up in the publishing industry.

Morgan is a fifth-generation student at Alabama and is enthusiastic to brag this fact to anyone who will listen. She’s from Peachtree City, Georgia and is currently studying marketing with minors in creative writing and advertising and public relations.

From the strange behavior of residence hall showers to the randomly extravagant breakfasts, these girls will have you laughing, nodding in agreement and maybe even reliving some of your own college memories. Grab your headphones and join Knight and Morgan as they navigate their way through the wild world of college life.

In this first episode, the topic of the hour is housing. Knight speaks about what it’s like being a student living in the honors dorm, Ridgecrest West, and Morgan speaks about her various experiences living in the brand-new Tutwiler.